Friday, March 5, 2010

The I.M.s of Romeo and Juliet

Roz Chast wrote a modern I.M. message version of Romeo and Juliet. In her version everything is shortened, and she uses new age slang. I think she is trying to show how communication has changed drastically because of technology. The characters Romeo and Juliet send I.Ms to each other and say almost nothing. Their feelings of love and the emotional drama that comes from the real story is taken away in the modern version. They are just two teenagers talking of their day and just touch a little bit on the matters and problems from the real story. I don't feel the love or emotion that I felt when reading the real version of this story. I think the author is showing that the new technology has taken away the feeling that we have when communicating. Since they are not actually talking face to face emotions can be misinterpreted and not understood. How can you tell someone that you love through a couple minute I.M.?

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